Bulk Orders
Aloepole clothing is produced on two manufactures overseas. One of them located in Boston, US and handling by Spreadshirt company. This is our common way to produce and deliver apparel across the US.

But we also have a secret storefront manufactured by Germany and UK companies. It is called "secret" because there is a limited stock of uncommon clothes. There we develop idea of rare, exclusive, climate neutral apparel. It is follow the rules and specifications of FairWear, Carboon Footprint, GOTS and Recycled Materials, etc.

We use this eco-manufacture to produce wholesale orders and deliver products to retail shops. Contact us about bulk order prices.

If you interested to manufacture Aloepole Apparel under franchise agreement, feel free to contact us to get commission rates and license agreement.

See below the list of awards of the manufacture company:
Aloepole Apparel manufacture standarts, fair wear, fair trade, earth positive, eco fashion.
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Store items is fully handled by Spreadshirt company in terms of warranty and returns.
Secret sale and bulk items support is handled by Aloepole (5-15 business days).
Returns and exchange upon 2 weeks.

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