Dennis Aloepole
Vice President of International Community Development and Project Advisor.
Work experience
Blockchain Marketing Platform
Qchain is a blockchain marketing startup from California.
I was in charge of Tech. Marketing and Public Relations.
I helped to develop our project strategies, to improve customers engagement which led to a successful pre-sale, crowdsale (ICO) and bounty campaign, processed and organized by me. I have been promoted to a Vice President and Advisor of the project.
We have launched a million dollar startup in Silicon Valley!
This is a "many hats" full-time remote job.
Electronic Music School
Zwook is the largest and oldest music school portal in Russia. Here I'm in charge for IT-coordination and E-mail marketing.
I helped to devise our project strategies, improve subscribers engagement which resulted in more enquiries and income. This turn into a large increase of revenue and successfully loyal crowdfunding company for updating the project to ver. 2.0.
This is full-time remote job and I handle it very efficiently.
Eco-clothing distributor and manufacture
Delonatelo is the largest New Zealand / Russian distributor of premium eco-clothing from UK, Germany and Bangladesh. Here I was Project Manager and Marketing Assistant for Tryapka and Freelabel projects in Saint-Petersburg (The legacy of Redspective company of Berlin). We developed these project from zero to final result and opened a store in New Holland.
Full-time job.
Royalty Free Music Licensing
Content QA, Music Producer and Sales Manager of Soundotcom royalty free music company (Based in Nürnberg). I came to this compan in the very beginning and during 2013-2015 year we grow from small startup and Soundtaxi partner account to real competitor on international market, together with Pond5 and Audiojungle.
It was freelance and part-time job.
Exchange Master Studies,
University of Vaasa
I have studied in parallel in Finland to have an eligible EU residence permit. I am one of Telecom Master Degree students. There I get a lot of working experience and understanding about life in European region. I successfully passed the exams and continued my career.
Also, there I greatly improved my English skills.
MSc, Telecom. Engineer
South Ural State University
2 years of full-time Master Degree studies in the head government university of Ural region. I did a lot of research job in parallel with full-time job and studies, so in the end of education I published a scientific article in Lambert Publishing.
BSc, Research Engineer
Chelly State University
4-year full-time Bachelor Degree studies in 2nd largest university in my domestic region. There I got understanding of what I am passionate about.
I have successfully graduated in 2012 as Science Research Engineer, released my first publications. Learned Academic English on advanced level.
Professional skills
— A professional qualification in IT Engineering as well as the application of the methodology;
— More than 5 years of experience in professional IT, Management, Media and Marketing;
— Experience in delivering creative or analytical concepts and research of varying scale and time frame;
— Professionally use marketing, analytics and web-design tools as well OS X / Windows software;
— The application of appropriate project management methodology;
— Team work and a customer focused mentality with ability to multi-task;
— Ability to wear many hats, to wear the grey hat and manage the risks;
— Excellent expertise, exploration and execution skills;
— Excellent organisational and communication skills;
— Native Russian, fluent English, basic Finnish language skills.
Over the last years, I've written several articles for a few known professional magazines and websites.
Radio-frequency auditory response
Scientific publication about low frequency hearing effect, its physical principle and ways to use it in future.

ISBN-10: 3659972428 Lambert Publishing
I was born in 1991, in Russia, and grew up there. I was especially interested in physics, IT and... the music. Luckily, my parents encouraged those interests. That encouragement drove me to excel. I graduated from high school and then earned degrees in Telecommunications Research Engineering studies at CSU, SUSU and UVA.
I always thought that high technical skills and overall aesthetics will drive me to success in very wide areas of knowledge, and it has happened.
I traveled a lot and spent couple of years in western Finland, visited Sweden, France, Spain, Egypt, Iceland, Germany, Czech, Latvia, Estonia. Took internship as logistics manager in Finnish electronic company. Worked in Moskow and Saint-Petersburg during 2014-2016 year.
Since 2011, and more actively since 2015, I am running my own soundtrack production and eco-clothing mono-label as a hobby and independent, optimized, automated startup, where I test marketing ideas and crowd development. It gives me lots of experience, self-realization, feed my curiosity and brings new people to my life as colleagues or friends.
After all, and after my recent experience with Qchain company, I know who I am and what I can do. Managing a small companies or startups within a small team is something that perfectly fits me. Now I am looking forward to continue my career in Berlin, Germany; or in Canada; following my specific long-term reasons and vision of future.
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