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Marion Lemos about Aloepole Apparel
Marion Lemos x Chaotic Trends
One of the first friends of Aloepole. Viva la France!

"Hided peacefully in your universe. You're the symbolism of the moon. My favorite creature. Bunny." –

ChaoticTrends#1 / ChaoticTrends#2

Ksenia Rain
Famous Russian fashion blogger and trendsetter, persuasively evaluate my eco-boutique apparel before sharing a verdict :)

"My soft and organic everyday wear" –
Cyber Rabbit White 3/4 Top VK blogpost
Ksenia Rain about aloepole apparel, fashion
Ingmar wein, fashion photographer talks about fashion
Ingmar Wein
My biggest friend and photographer of Aloepole Apparel.

"Handmade, Selfmade, Recycled!" –
Ingmar Wein Photography
Marusya Produkt
I was happy to work with Marusya as a model.

"Merch your life and be a part of human-generated worlds like Aloepole (Aloepolis)" –

Marusya Produkt / Produkt VK Blog

Fashion blogger and young model from Russia talks about aloepole apparel
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