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All photos, arts and music belong to Dennis Aloepole. It is forbidden to use or sell music, arts, etc. without request. We (Aloepole and partners) are encourage you to contact us regarding use of our content. It will make things better as we are open to share your content across our social webs.

All photos and footages are taken by Ingmar Wein, Banni Rudakova or Dennis Aloepole.
It is forbidden to use photos without permission from Aloepole.

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It is all processed through getaways and API/intergrations of other companies and under their agreements:
Paypal, Tilda, Spreadshirt, Google, Yandex, MailerLite, UniSender, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Merchandise store is fully handled by Spreadshirt company in terms of warranty and returns.
All copyrights and authorship of arts and prints belong to Dennis Aloepole as well.

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