Society of Impressions
True post-cyberpunk era comes after death of Consumer Society
To scold the consumer society for a modern adult and at least half a dozen times a man held is like kicking an exhaling station dog. At least, because the consumer society in its classical form existed at best until the 1980s, and even then only in the US and bourgeois-democratic Europe. In fact, since the 70's it has been gradually mutating into a completely different society of impressions. You, who read this text, have been living in it for a long time and you feel it with all your inner self. Just might not know the name.

What is the consumer society? This is a state of society in which the status of a person is determined by what it consumes. Expensive things and services elevate him among other people, and the craving for cheapness and economy seems almost bleak. A man with an expensive car looks in the eyes of his countrymen quite differently from the unemployed, who exchanges the last mother rubles to "show off" Buy an iPhone just for the sake of being cool - it's very in the spirit of the consumer society. However, whining about what all around consumed and with envy look at them - too.

But over time, everything became more complicated and much more interesting. Previously, to consume something, other than things, was not so justified. If you went to exotic Brunei and smoked opium there with the sultan on the back of an elephant, then it's just your own impressions and nothing more. You can, of course, write a book or show everyone on the opposite photo, but it's easier and cheaper to buy a new villa - you can see it all at once. Surely you already understood how the Internet, social networks and portable cameras changed the situation. Now, thanks to the instagram, any Californian homeless person will be able to find out that you were at a reception with the sultan (here's a selfie with him, that's a selfie with an elephant, here's a post on Facebook, here are 300 reposts on Twitter, that's what you wrote about your trip in "City News").
It turned out that your impressions can raise you in the eyes of relatives no less than buying things of elite brands. Intangible impressions are now able to stay with you just like a car bought. Even if you did not make a million photos to prove the event, it's never too late to remember a particular story and tell the public about it.
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The consumer society has generated its own type of person, the society of impressions is its own. And, with good features and with bad. For example, a typical consumer was much more modest, more stubborn and hardworking - the world of things is rational and quite simple. But thirsting to find its status due to impressions is full of both creativity and ideas about its own uniqueness. "Some land-platers in the country, and factories are standing" - this is just about them. Or rather, about all of us. It is hard to have a cool status adventure, if you work hard at the factory. And vice versa: it is hard to find stability, if it threatens you with boredom (and being boring now means constantly losing your status points!).
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Another issue is the illusory nature of the impression society in its pure form. In the world it does not exist anywhere, just as there was no flawless consumer society. Everything is too mixed, and the boundaries are blurred. Our parents hardly got used to the realities of capitalism and just got used to the concept of status consumption, and we already tell them that "it's all garbage, Mom, I'll be streaming for money and going to a pilgrimage to Tibet." A mishmash of old habits and formations leads everyone to the point of absurdity. Around us, everything is covered with artifacts of feudalism, covered with humus from consumerism, through which the germs of the society of impressions break through. Ironically, this incredible game and the cyberpunk that is created around it is such a source of fresh sensations that the new type of consumption will have enough fuel for a long time.
After reading this text you received some impressions. You can repost it, leave angry comments or retell acquaintances, thereby proving that you really have gained some experience - and it does not matter whether it is positive or negative. So you gradually raise your status in the community and strengthen your position in the world where you are judged by accounts in social networks. Earlier you would have had to go on a Crusade or to buy new serfs at an exorbitant price for this. Is not it a miracle?

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