Dark Souls
A Souls-series phenomena and how it ends.
Praise the Sun, my friends, and let the feast begin! (Beware: spoilers)

I really liked a Dark Souls series, it is the only game I played so hard since the end of my gaming desires in 2005. I got PS4 because I felt that I want to play DS3 and I got the game, played it and played all DLC.

Before, during and after, I was reading and learned lore through the DS wiki pages and YouTube channel, I have tested Bloodborne and Demon Souls... Well, I really have something to say!

First of all, this game, the whole Souls series is phenomenal... A fresh air during the ashes if video-game industry. It is deep, it has detailed lore that deep as abyss; but it does not have 20-30 years story like many "deep" RPG games – it was created by few years to complete. Believe me – the better and bigger would be only machine learning and AI generated universies, that can be expanded without (separately from game studio) FROM SOFTWARE team.
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If you use your imagination and science research skill, turn off the copyrights protected content by Sony, you will probably realise that, no matter they say, Demon Souls, Dark Souls and even Bloodborne worlds are the part of one universe. Some connections are fragile, some made for fun, like Patches NPC or Chester (Miyazaki's in-game avatars :) ) but they are still exist and live its lore life. No matter how creators tried to separate these projects, but the kids of creators are always familiar, like brothers.

I won't say much here, about facts and connections, you can find it easily i.e. on YouTube... I suppose that timeline is like Demon Souls – DS1 – DS2 – DS3 – BB. However, Demon Souls can stay between Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 2; and Bloodborne is like completely new post-era of humans (Pygmys :) ), relatively close to modern Victorian history period.

No matter how people say about difference of in-game Dragons and Demons, they look like they should look, and this is it. In DeS and DS there were devastating Darkness, there were Giants, Dragons and Demons. And the souls. These places were located far away from each other, in time and space. And Bloodborne... If you completed DLC, just imagine – the dark soul rises, the Pygmys are dead... like old, ancient Gods, which blood brings this curse to Yarnam. Into the new era, the new story of people, with the another kind of hollowness. The creators of the lore are genius, it is the most serious, dramatic and correctly presented human-generated world. Even if they did not planned this – the miracle of intellectual art. TES, SW or WOW not even close with these bloody sucked out of a finger plots and contradictory stories.
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But... how it should have ended? The Dark Souls itself. It seems that fire fades in FROM SOFTWARE office so they had only last drops of Souls talent to show. I am not surprised, I feel it about everything in the world in two words: "fire fades". It goes worse and worse, and same disease it touched the Dark Souls ending.
OK, guys, I am quite romantic and emotionally introverted person, but I when it comes to DLC's, the... painted world?.. I can only say: "What a frack is this?!". People just wanted to reveal at least a little bunch of answers about DS world in last DLC. This is the moment when beautiful and mysterious Japanese style turns from great to, sadly, incomplete and undone.

The Ringed City DLC was freaking good up until we entered the Church of Filianore, then it started being idiotic with the story. They built up on Gwyn (statue and Shira dialogue), Pygmies (obvious reasons) Dark Soul (mentioned quite everywhere) and most of all Primordial Serpents (Statues everywhere, Yuria's dialogue). Then they threw everything out of the window and it's a huge timeskip with a senseless boss fight with no ending.

Making EVERYTHING insanely uncompleted it is NOT what Dark Souls series was about. It was all about finding the answers, about lore research. * you can disagree, ofc* I completely ignored Ashes of Ariandel DLC because I was not interested of what is happening in some "virtual" world inside Dark Souls. Really. Many people, and I, expected that Ringed City will be about DS3 again. Well... it was not. To complete this article, had to play first DLC too, because I could not believe that this is the "end".

Well, before I continue, there were some expectations based on Ringed City trailer and unreleased in-game content. The Demon Prince should be in original game, but it was not, so they just rawly put it in DLC as is. We also expected Ocelot fights Naked Snake will grow up and will be the boss or NPC, and we will find out more about him. Also, maybe, there will be more info about of Londor... and some affect of Usurpation of Fire ending * probably, it may be found later, some day *

+ Quite fresh fast tempo in the beginning of DLC. But ardor runs out fast.
+ Nice, like Semiramid's garden and Prince of Persia: SoT + WW style, city location.
+ Revealed more info about Gwyn, abyss, fire and dark story.
– Far-fetched mix of content from DS2 "just to show some connection"– Mill & Witch.
– No Ocelot (but there is Midir, who traveled to destroy Ariandel world (wat?))
– No Londor, etc.
– You can't get into hyped-in-artwoks building, it is empty with senseless statues.
– Plot is STILL about in-existing Ariandel world.
– No new NPC or quests, only Easter Egg Patches/Lapp.
– Raw/no details on faraway locations, compared to original game.

Ending? Londor? Ocelot? Pygmy visual story? Ariandel? Crow-people? Snake-people?

New questions:
Why Gael is more important that Soul of Fire, Fire Era, Dark Soul, etc.?
Why World of Ariandel so important that this story should go around 2 DLC?
Why it makes sense – painted world will die with DS real-world universe anyway?
What happens next?
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...I set down in the Ashen desert and started to think. Ok. How these Pygmy kings survived still, in the apocalypse? Well, lets say they was kept by Filianore egg, so Gael eats them in the moment we come. And we are time-travellers, so there will be almost no affection on classic game, nobody knows anything that happens outside their cycle. They can only feel, like Yuria of Londor feels the dark mark inside you.

But actually, what happen in the completely dead world, and what would you do being, probably, the last existing creature with fire and dark inside you? Another crazy king to be defeated inside the cycle? Or the world refreshed, and on the bones of old world there is grow, for example, Bloodborne universe?)

And, still, what the heck is wrong with this Ariandel, in the end of the game, with Crazy Gael, this world is not even existing and he, actually, can't go back in time, even if he would find this bloody dark soul...

...so, may be, he did not, and we did not, in the end?

I pretty understand, probably, developers said that the young artist will draw a new world, where everyone will live in peace, without cycle of fire (how?)... but it is remarkably weak and senseless, like planned surprise. Some kind of coming out, spoiling the greatest story. Reminds me situation with DS2, where everyone was so busy with Bloodborne that a little bit fracked up the whole game and lore.

I have clear feeling that they gave up in about 50% of DLC development and just rushed it to the end... Overlayed with crisis of ideas, with totally complicated lore and plot, with some mistakes and bad ideas of the past; they just finished it as fine as they could.

And I still love it. I love this experience and impressions that DS and FROM SOFTWARE gave me. Yes, it could be even better, but they already have created the real world, the whole universe, the allegoric reality. It is deep enough, and, deus ex machina, we keep this fire in our souls. We will keep research the game for some more time. We will keep it our hears later. We will create something new, looking back to what we felt.

I will create.

Dennis Aloepole, 05/11/17

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