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Marion Lemos about Aloepole Apparel
The CEO of SOUNDOTCOM in Aloepole T-Shirt

We built up this platform in 2013-2014 and since that I am the "special" music artist on SOUNDOTCOM with personal reference link, discounts and increased percentage of income.
Mostly from there I distribute my music worldwide. People like to pick my music because it differs from common corporate-style commercialized genres developed by freelancers.

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L'interview par Rag and Rose
Aloepole: musique et mode.

"J'ai découvert Aloepole sur Instagram, et j'ai été touchée par ses dessins. Tout particulièrement par le dessin du lapin avec les coquelicots. Il a un vrai univers, plein d'idées et de projets! J'ai eu envie d'en savoir plus sur ce qu'il se cachait derrière ce personnages à multiples talents, voila pourquoi j'ai interviewé Denis."

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Rag And Rose Instagram
Ksenia Rain about aloepole apparel, fashion
Marion Lemos about Aloepole Apparel
Marion Lemos x Chaotic Trends
One of the old friends of Aloepole. French fashion influencer.

"Hided peacefully in your universe. You're the symbolism of the moon. My favorite creature. Bunny." –

ChaoticTrends#1 / ChaoticTrends#2 / Instagram

Ksenia Rain
One of the most aesthetic Russian fashion blogger and trendsetter.

Ksenia Rein Instagram
Ksenia Rain about aloepole apparel, fashion
Ingmar wein, fashion photographer talks about fashion
Ingmar Wein
The photographer and traveller from Germany.

Author of many impressive photoshoots and footages for Aloepole.

Ingmar Wein Photography
Marusya Produkt
I was happy to work with Marusya as a model.

"Merch your life and be a part of human-generated worlds like Aloepole" –

Marusya Produkt / Produkt VK Blog

Fashion blogger and young model from Russia talks about aloepole apparel
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