Art Manifest
Why. Aesthetics. Is. The. Key.
There is something bigger than us and we shall never go down the way of endlessly degrading entertaining things and poor temptations of the human. But we do this and mainstream art is all about to support that. Its fast, standardised and profitable.

As the independent creators, we have to overcome this. As the independent creators, we have to work somewhere else and out time to create off-mainstream things is much more limited. As the independent creators we still seek the truth, and the truth is the beauty, and the beauty is the aesthetics. And the aesthetics is the philosophy, the most free science of creation.

I am standalone, that is why I am free (and "that is why I am lost"- Kafka). My purpose is to create the unique perceptive music for rare cases. I almost never take the orders, I managed to exist gaining resources from somewhere else, but I remain Aloepole untouchable. I am awaiting for the great project to see and to participate in. As a designer, as a developer, as an engineer, as the creator.

I have never forget about real problems of the world. I also never forget that it won't be solved for thousands of years and I am afraid that we all go to opposite direction.
But that is not a reason to completely stop showing the way of light.
Please, foresee and far-see. Please, create and collaborate. Don't hesitate to contact. Don't hesitate to accept the offers. Don't hesitate to invest time into something great. Don't give up the development of your unique talents.

Because everyone has a gift.
And we shall be heard.
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Custom merchandise // clothing shop – to become a part of all above.
Custom soundtrack – to upgrade your art with unique music.
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