Ethical Marketing

Aloepole project started as a hobby but grow into quite large project, accessible from all over the world. And I follow my own way of clean anti auto-marketing.

Do you know all this annoying stuff? Pop-ups, subscription forms, landing pages, overused e-mail marketing, fake discounts, paid posts, ads? You won't see it here! :)

All these things... they are everywhere. Soon we'll have to pay to disable ads in the Internet on the level of Internet-providers, I am sure. I all comes out from centralized control of mega-corporations like Google / ABC.

I believe that this small amount of people interested enough and inspired to put "like" or subscribe without these tricks – are the good fellows I am happy to see among my music fans or clothing ambassadors :) And little by little there will be more and more.

But how to deal with it? Impossible Well, it is quite hard. I don't generate tons of gold from my project, I am just not give everything for free and trying to provide unusual, emotional, exciting indie-independent content. I have concentrated on automatisation and optimisation. After years of this kind of research I drew a finish line and re-launched the website. It was difficult but now it is linked between everything, all socials and other pages. What I still love to do is uploading new photos to the Instagram :)

So now I am just concentrated in making music and arts and hope that you feel comfortable here, so I will deliver new releases or clothing lines right to your e-mail.
What I truly want to do – to inspire and impress you – and impress other decentralized creators to work for their next project!

United we stay.
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