Unification in the Art and Music

Nowadays, many new TV & Game projects look so weak and tasteless. And when I say "tasteless" I mean some kind of totally "desaturated" rather than just bad.

It happens by three reasons – money, market and unification. People vote for higher quality and market drains all money to research, ads and marketing your project – as a result, the creators are interested to same some time and money and go to content stocks.

And, you see, the most payable people is creators making mass content. Mass content is, unfortunately, tasteless. But they buy a lot, a lot of related content and forming a special, commercially unified offer on a market.

And it breaks my heart.

Artists, producers and composers see the stats and sales – they interested to generate commercially successful content. And, after few years, everything is overloaded with the same, unified content. And even if you would like to make something amazing, it still looks or sounds same as the others...

I vote for against this. Please, directly submit your request to people who produce the content or hire them. They won't be interested to produce "tasteless" things (of course, if you not ask for this) because everyone in this chain will be interested to provide excited and exclusive experience to the customer. As well as creators will be happy to have something fresh and beautiful in portfolio.

I also keep some exclusive music licenses for sale on stocks. There are several genres that I'm best of. If you need deep and remarkable music for video, or soundtrack for a game, contact me.
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